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Secured finance

Loans can be made on an unsecured or a secured basis. With an unsecured loan, should the borrower default and become insolvent, the lender will rank along side the other creditors of the borrower and may loose some or all it’s money.

Secured loans provide the lender with protection and ensure that should the worse happen, they will be able to recover most, if not all, of the debt.

Acting for the Lender

In acting for the lender we will ensure that your security is properly registered or otherwise perfected and is not capable of being set aside.

Acting for the Borrower

In acting for the borrower we can advise you fully of your obligations under the loan and legal charge agreements. A borrower may have existing charges in which case consent may be required for the additional charge. Alternatively, a release of assets may be required, in which case we will obtain all necessary consents and releases, ensuring that there are no breaches of any existing agreements.