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Planning applications

The main purpose of planning law is to control the development or use of land in order to improve amenity.

It is important to be aware that planning permission is required from the relevant local planning authority for any operational development or a material change of use to the land.

As Solicitors we are not often involved in completion and submission of an application for planning permission as this is usually done by the architect or a planning consultant, however we often come up against it as some transactions are dependent upon it being obtained.

If you consider that you need to make a planning application, whether for development or for change of use, you should in the first instance make contact with the local authority responsible for planning in the area in which the property is located.

You will need to consider at the outset whether you wish to apply for full or outline planning permission.

If you are making an application for outline permission the application merely has to contain a description of the proposed development sufficient to indicate its major features including a plan.

The effect of outline planning permission is that the local planning authority is committed to allowing the development subject to the approval of certain conditions. It is useful where a purchaser or developer wants to establish whether planning could be obtained without the expense and time involved in making an application for full permission.

For further information and advice on planning matters please go to the governments planning portal website at www.planningportal.gov.uk