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Access rights, easements and covenants

An easement is simply a right enjoyed by one landowner over the land of another.

For example, a right of way is a positive easement which allows a landowner to go onto a neighbour’s land and a negative easement is essentially a right to receive something such as a right of natural light.

We can help you with all aspects of law relating to easements, including the formal granting of easements, the removal of them, claims for implied easements, and disputes revolving around the extent and the exercise of easements.

Covenants are promises, usually contained within a deed, which relate to land. Covenants can be positive such as an obligation to maintain boundaries or restrictive such as the prevention of further development on the land.

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with covenants, from applications to be released from covenants which affect a property, to formalising new covenants with a landowner, and dealing with disputes in relation to breach of covenants.