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Probate and estate administration

This can often be a thankless task usually for a close relative or friend. Our Probate team has accumulated years of experience.

At a difficult time, we treat each case with care and understanding. Our aim is to make the process run smoothly and painlessly.

If you are a named Executor in a deceased’s Will, we can assist in the application for a Grant of Probate. This is an official document that you will need to obtain before you can deal with any of the assets in the Estate.

We can assist in preparing Inland Revenue accounts for any tax that may be payable by the Estate. We can assist in sorting out the assets in the Estate and, in particular, where houses or other property is involved.

Where the Deceased has not made a Will, it will be necessary for Letters of Administration to be obtained. We can assist with the application and also help in advising as to who is entitles to benefit from the Estate under the Intestacy Rules.